Once A Number Cruncher, Now A Copywriter: The Wordsmith’s Story

After a 10 year career in Accounting, Finance and Commercial Management roles, not to mention quality time with my three babies, I’ve done an excellent course through the Australian School of Copywriting and taken on projects involving promotional copywriting for a wide range of clients.

I also spent 2011 as part of the Australian School of Copywriting’s “Dream Team”, a group of budding copywriters receiving extra tutelage under the guidance of Bernadette Schwerdt, the copywriting coach.

Use The Wordsmith For Your Next Copywriting Project And You’ll Appreciate My:

Copywriting Experience
An expert web copywriter, I’ve also written brochures, flyers, enewsletters, press releases, articles and song text. Many years experience writing commercial documents and related communications, informs and adds value to my work.

Financial Experience
If you’re a company in the banking or finance sectors needing a qualified writer I'm an excellent option because I possess a thorough understanding of finance terminology and concepts.  I can write your annual reports, financial course material and product documents.

Commercial Acumen
During the briefing process I can quickly understand your business and will always maintain an awareness of commercial issues, as I use my copywriting skills to create words designed to sell your product. 

You can be confident I’ll obtain a comprehensive brief with which to create effective copy, all within your specified parameters and deadlines.  Accounting and finance and their associated disciplines are a huge asset to work as a copywriter, giving my work structure and a supportive base from which to create outstanding copy. 

I love writing. Simple as that. Perhaps you don’t? So get back to what you do like, and leave the writing to me.

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