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A few of The Wordsmith's valued clients:
Alysha Dominico, Principle Copywriter, Tangible Words: “I’ve been most impressed by Bec’s ability to conceptualise a project. She has a great vocabulary and sense of description. Frequently clients note her phrasing to be “just perfect”. She also understands how to articulate and solve a variety of readers problems in accordance with The Brief. Bec has never been late on a job or unprofessional in any manner.”

Jordan Mullen, CEO and Marketing Strategist, Web Based Marketing:Bec has now completed several websites for Web Based Marketing and I’ve been impressed by her speed and efficiency, as well as her ability to produce compelling copy.  She ensures she has a good handle on the brief and customer profile before writing copy designed to get results.  Always happy to implement changes based on suggestions and feedback, Bec always honours her commitments, making her a great team player, easy to deal with and consistently reliable.”

Jane Leonard, Art Director, Savvy Graphics:   "Working with Bec is always a pleasure. From my humble scrawl, she creates beautifully crafted text whether it be for a website, advertisement, newsletter or simply to tidy up my blogs! Bec has a keen wit and this reflects in very clever and entertaining copy and concepts (where appropriate, of course). Given her extensive background in finance, Bec is a rare writer who actually understands the content of a prospectus or an annual report. I can highly recommend her services."
Katy Abbott, Australian Composer:    "Efficient, easy to work with and brilliant at making my ideas come to life.." "The most impressive quality about Rebecca Christensen is her ability to listen to the ideas/needs of her client and translate them into text that is poignant, meaningful and succinct.  Rebecca has written text to a variety of my compositions which have been received with great enthusiasm by the audience.  Rebecca is efficient, conscientious and has her clients best interest at the forefront of her business." 

Claudia Oliveira, Marathon Runner and Fundraiser for Cantoo:  "Bec wrote such a compelling cover letter and copy for our fundraising website that people have donated more than $11,000 so far.  I am now being inducted into the Cantoo Fundraising Hall of Fame. Thanks Bec!"